My wife and I attended a presentation at a local hotel sponsored by an organization called Pro-Consumer. We were persuaded to sign up for a cruise at a promotional discount rate. To get the discounted rate, we were required to sign up for 12 months paying a $50) down payment and an installment contract for $6,000. We were told we could cancel at any time. Pro-Consumer refused to cancel and referred our account to a collector. When we contacted Richard Glasgow, he immediately wrote a letter to the company and the debt collector. The letter and phone calls have stopped thanks to Mr. Glasgow.

T & K Knight

Oklahoma City, OK

I purchased a used car from a dealership in Ardmore. I paid additional cash with my trade-in. Three paper tags later, the dealer told me that I had to return the car because they could not get me financed. When the dealer tried to repossess the car, I called Richard Glasgow. Soon after suit was filed, my case was settled, with the dealer paying the court costs and attorney fees.

Sierra Kerr

Carter County, OK

A debt collector called my wife telling her that I would be arrested if I did not pay the collector $500 by 5:00 p.m. I contacted Richard Glasgow who contacted the debt collector. The specific case and companion case were dismissed with me paying the collectors only pennies on the dollars.

Brian Davis

Sulphur, OK

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