(August 16, 2013)

Attorney Richard Glasgow has more than twenty years’ experience in Oklahoma City defending individuals and companies with adversaries of all sizes. His practice of consumer protection law embraces everything from auto dealer fraud to debt collection abuse. Have you experienced abuse in the marketplace? Here is one forum where your questions about Oklahoma lemon law, about debt collection tactics, about your options for dealing with Oklahoma auto dealer fraud are dealt with by an Oklahoma expert.

Perhaps you don’t need an attorney. Perhaps you can better handle the issue now in your hands yourself. Here is one place to find out.

Have you been dealt with abusively by a car dealer? Has a dealer repossessed your car without just cause? Have you received threats form debt collectors to whom you may owe nothing? Perhaps stories of others’ experiences will help you determine what steps you should next take.

Welcome to OkConsumerLaw.com We look forward to an exchange of ideas and information about Oklahoma consumer protection law. Thank you for your participation.